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The best solutions come from working alongside our clients, consultants and partners.

When businesses have great difficulty making profits, this is a strong indicator that it is time to take important action that saves the business and revives profits in a regular manner. It is impossible to ensure the sustainability of a business or business activity without seeking solutions to the financial and monetary issues on which the business is based. Our company provides financial consultancy to companies in order to save on the expenses of appointing an integrated financial management where we play the role in cooperation with each other to develop financial regulations and policies for companies and work on training employees to reach the highest professional bikes in the management of the financial department

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Company Activity

Preparing a financial vision and roadmap through a technical and economic feasibility study

Providing specialized financial cadres when the facility needs

Tailoring a financial structure to suit the business of the facility

Assistance in establishing a financial system and establishing an Chart Of Account

Provide a joint account program for our clients to reach the required level and submit all reports

Analyze all operating expenses

Establishing a fully stored system and training on it

Create a complete cost system and train on it

Make all daily, weekly and monthly reports and train on them

We Have 25 Years Of Experience in Business Consulting Services

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Hesham Abd El Fatah

CEO & Founder

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Vision - Mission - Values


To be the first place of trust locally and regionally in providing distinguished consulting services


Enable our customers to make impactful change and achieve positive, sustainable and valuable results


Leadership: Lead the work with our clients and consultants to reach the right solutions.

Superiority: Deliver what we promised, initiative and creativity to deliver beyond what is expected.

Teamwork: The best solutions come from working alongside our clients, consultants and partners.

Trust: Promote the principle of mutual trust with our customers and between team members.

Code of Ethics

The goal of the Code of Ethics is to focus on our core values and to give practical examples to our employees, consultants, partners, and clients of what these values represent to us:
  • We keep our customers' information confidential.
  • We serve our clients with integrity, efficiency and objectivity.
  • We work with each other to create a vision of the expected results and challenge to achieve them.
  • We do not accept any commission in the framework of the consulting work procedure from any related party.
  • We are keen with our customers to be a sustainable partnership
  • We provide our skill through the team of gaining excellence scientifically
  • The property and intellectual rights of our clients are the mirror of our values